Veterans Services

We Honor Veterans

We honor and respect our veterans and their families who have served our country. We are currently Level Three Partners within the We Honor Veterans program. Our goal is to care for veterans uniquely recognizing their service and what impact that service may have at the end of life.

Some servicemen and women may experience service-related diseases or illnesses that may affect them from both clinical and benefits perspectives. We will tailor their care to meet their needs accordingly and assist them in obtaining the benefits due to them as needed.

In addition, we want to acknowledge and recognize our veterans by providing a meaningful recognition ceremony and offering memorial services if desired. Some of our veterans have never been recognized for their service or told their stories. We at Uni Care Hospice want to hear from them and will offer to memorialize their story for others through tape or video recording.

We are currently seeking veterans interested in supporting their fellow veterans who are terminally ill. The unique comradery that veterans have with one another is special and so helpful to a veteran in need of companionship. Please contact us if you are interested in being a veteran volunteer.

For more information about UNI CARE HOSPICE services, please contact us at 760-566-3345 or 888-624-3345.