Uni Care is a unique organization, offering the most comprehensive menu of home care services available in Southern California. We provide:

  • Home Health—a spectrum of quality services that supports patients through health crises, such as post-surgery recuperation; or periodically, as patients cope with long-term chronic disease.
  • Hospice—not a “place,” but a type of comprehensive care for patients with terminal diagnoses, including medical, social, emotional, and spiritual care, and including emotional and grief support for patients’ families. Patients receive hospice care at home, in care facilities, or wherever they reside. Not only for the “last few days” of life, but hospice also focuses primarily on the comfortable quality of life, rather than the pursuit of a cure, and often extends life, due to patients’ symptom relief and overall comfort.
  • Private Home Care—professional, non-medical assistance with personal care and companionship, including such services as home cleaning, bathing assistance, or meal preparation.

We currently serve San Diego County, Imperial County, and South Riverside County. As we grow, we continue to expand, and we have recently opened up another branch in Yuma, Arizona.

Home Health is primarily funded by Medicare, Medi-Cal, and many private insurance companies. Hospice is typically funded by Medicare and an increasing number of insurance companies. Private Home Care is a service affordably priced for direct payment from the patient.

Joint Commission Accreditation is the “gold standard” in health care. It structures our home care programs’ standards, ensuring your confidence and trust that Uni Care consistently provides compassionate, skilled care at the highest level of excellence.

Not at all! We are a unified team of caring professionals who consider it a privilege and an honor to serve our community by providing the best care possible, every day. We are inspired, regardless of our individual roles, to show up with hope, encouragement, and generosity of spirit. Far from depressing, we find this work profoundly rewarding, and we would love for you to partner with us in our big vision to change the world, one patient at a time, by providing compassionate care for all, including our community’s most vulnerable and unfortunate. If our vision resonates with you, please talk with us about how you can get involved!