About Us


UNI CARE started in 2007 with the mission of providing outstanding quality care in our community. We built our organization to assist individuals and their loved ones in navigating the health challenges that illnesses can bring.

Our company provides a complete continuum of home care services with the highest standard of care for all involved. We believe that every person should have the opportunity to have their care needs to be met in a positive and nurturing way.

We have been a long-standing provider of Home Health, Hospice, and Private Caregiving in San Diego, Imperial, and Riverside counties in California. We have just recently expanded into the county of Yuma, Arizona. We are licensed by the state of California and recertified by The Joint Commission. We are proud to provide a wide range of professional services with our commitment to high-quality care.


The Mission of Uni Care is to provide outstanding patient care to our diverse community by utilizing effective processes and achieving great customer satisfaction within a patient-centered model of care.